Check-in & Check-out

Procedures for bare boat charters

The yacht will be handed over fully equipped with full water and fuel tanks, safety equipment, bed linen, blankets and towels. You are expected to return the boat in the same condition. You will be charged a fee for cleaning which is payable on embarkation to cover cleaning costs.

You will pick up your boat and meet the owner or Dragut Sailing representative at the harbour of embarkation. It may be possible to arrange transfers from the airport to your yacht. Check-in time is usually 2pm Saturday and check out time 9am Saturday.

The yacht owner or representative will then begin an extensive check-in of the entire yacht and her complete inventory. You will be given a copy of the inventory list to check off individual items as you see them and are shown how they are used. This is the time you can ask questions and make sure you understand how everything operates. If you are feeling unsure, ask the owner or rep to take you out for a test sail. You will also be given an Acceptance document to sign once you agree that the yacht is in good working order, or to make a note of any problems so you won’t be held responsible.

Before handing over the keys, the rep will ask you for your licences and he will complete the official crew list with names, addresses and passport numbers of all crew members. You will be asked to sign and the charter party contract if you have not already done so. Together with the boat’s documents the rep will then visit the local port police to get your permission to leave port. Your licences will then be returned to you.

Finally,¬†you will be asked to pay all remaining sums, cleaning, transit-log and security deposit. The security deposit is refundable and is held against minor damages to the yacht and her contents caused by the skipper’s negligence.