What to Bring


Try to bring soft and foldable luggage because hard cases will be difficult to store on the boat. Cabins are so beautiful and comfortable, it will be a pity to take up space with big suitcases.


Do not forget your camera or video camera because there is so much to photograph.

A waterproof bag will be a good idea to carry around your camera, especially when using the Dinghy.


Do not spoil your holiday, apply plenty of sunscreen!
Do not forget sunglasses, hat and UV protection T-shirt when snorkeling.


You will barely get mosquitoes on the yacht but if you go onshore you may find them around.


Bath and beach towels will be supplied.


For your little’s ones, we recommend you bring all the necessities such as feeding bottles and formula, wet wipes, diapers, their favorite toys. Avoid bringing plasticine (modeling compound), felt pens, small pieces such as LEGO, as it will damage the boat and someone may step on it and slide.

For children you might want to have a small bag with the following items: back pack, hat, sunglasses, beach sandals, water shoes (for walking on the beach during low tide and discover the wonder of the coral life,) children’s sunscreen, UV protection swimming suit, goggles, insect repellent.

If you forget anything, do not worry as you can purchase many items in Bodrum. But if you have any special requirements; ensure that you bring them with you such as prescribed medication.